Which Gymnasium to send my kids to next year?

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we are having difficulty deciding between applying for our kids to go to Marie-Curie gymnasium in Dallgow or Lise-Meitner Gymnasium in Falkensee. If anyone knows anything about these schools please let me know! Even better if you have first hand experience.


My wife has heard 3rd or 4th hand that Lise-Meitner is/was the rich kids school and the class trips are really excessive. Also that the education system there is not as progressive as Marie Curie -whatever that means. Marie Curie is science heavy which is good for our kids interests and obviously my wife wants them to go there. Son #1 wants to go to Lise Meitner because he liked the visit there better (it is also only one bus ride away instead of train and bus as Marie Curie would be). Son #2 may be able to go to Lise Meitner with son #1 next year, but would have to stay in Grundschule another 2 years if son #1 went to Marie Curie.


Im thinking that if they are smart enough they will learn enough science anyway whichever school they go to -and if there is no emphasis on science they may well be introduced to aspects of stuff that would not be in Marie Curie -a more broad education.


I am worried about the "druggy" and "chip on shoulder" aspects of a rich kids school though but I suppose drugs are all over nowdays anyway -and is it even true -its third or fourth hand opinions i'm having to wade through.

thanks :rolleyes:


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