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Intertax Consult

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German tax services for expats - Intertax Consult

Intertax Consult

Worried about German taxes?



Intertax-consult has specialised its services to the tax needs of non-German speakers. We are fluent in English, Spanish and German and communicate via email, mail or phone with you in your preferred language.


Having 15 years of experience in international tax matters guarantees you a most satisfactory understanding of your situation and providing the most efficient solutions to your needs. As we have ourselves an international background we can assure you we know how you feel about German tax matters.


Taking care of your tax matters means also we take care of all the communication with the tax office and make sure you do not have to worry about deadlines or language barriers. Leave it all in our hands, we will take pleasure in handling your tax issues for you.


We can assist you in the usual tax return matters but also in all other tax matters, from inheritance tax issues, registration as freelancer, bookkeeping, VAT or trade tax issues as well as any corporate tax matter you might have.


If you are thinking of investing in Germany talk to us about the tax benefits you might have as well as the tax implications your investment might cause to you.


We can also assist you in finding the right legal form to work on the German market, optimise any possible scenarios, assist you in actually setting up the company, registering the company in Germany and handling all tax matters including wage take/payslips for your company.


You need a VAT registration in Germany, we can assist you in applying for one as well as handling the following VAT filing matters.


If you would like to get a refund of pension fund contributions from Germany we will be happy to assist you here as well.


We can also assist you with your US tax returns.


We are very much looking forward to your contact!

Our advantages for you:

  • Personal meeting on demand
  • Guaranteed quick response
  • Fixed prices depending on your annual worldwide income



Martin Gundermann
Kerschelweg 31
83098 Brannenburg
Telephone: +49-8034-9049 0

Fax: +49-8034-9049-19


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I can recommend Martin's services. He is quick,professional and friendly and very knowledgeable about UK/German tax.


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