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Hi everyone,


Apologies this is my first post on here and have used the forum a great deal to resolve a lot of issues we've encountered since moving to Germany 3 years ago.


We have finally bought a house here and it needs alot of renovation work.

However, as I don't speak German well enough to discuss building works and requirements, a lot of the contractors have been trying to charge incredibly high costs for some jobs.


A friend of ours (German) has a large horse property and he employs a group of Polish construction workers permanently as he says the quality of their work is exceptional.


I was wondering if anyone knew of any Polish construction workers willing to come the Papenburg area initially to create a large area of block paving?

It would be extremely helpful if they could speak English.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated.




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I could recommend some good Romanian workers but they don't speak any English, only German, so I don't know if that would help at all.


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