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Transport from Hannover to Hermannsburg

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Hallo, I am a part time student in Hermannsburg and I live in Weil am Rhein (near Switzerland) which requires me to travels back-forth one time each month.


I usually takes train from Freiburg to Hannover and from then on continue either to Unterluss or Celle and then continues to Hermannsburg by bus (I notice theres no other way to Hermannsburg but with this bus)

Each time I went I spent at least more then 10 Eur till Hermannsburg.

From Hannover to Celle, at least 9 Eur.

From Hannover to Unterluss even more expensive.

And then I will continue from Celle to Hermannsburg which cost me 5 Eur.

However, from Unterluss to Hermannsburg is cheaper, around 3 Eur


I only visit one week each time in a month. That means, I can not buy the monthly ticket, it will be to expensive to me.

Sometimes I stayed over in Hannover and continue to the next morning to Hermannsburg. With this condition means I spent another money to go around Hannover to visit my host.

My German is not good enough to understand the transport system around Hannover, especially when it comes to rural area toward Celle and Unterluss, it said something about Area no 1 and 3 Blue region (circle).


My questions are:

Is there any cheaper way to go to Celle or Unterluss from Hermannsburg? As I heard the bus to Hermannsburg is not joining into any regional transport company from Hannover.

How is the daily ticket of wide range transport up to Celle or Unterluss? Is there any option of ticket I can buy to travel around Hannover for 24 hours till Unterluss or Celle? I need this info whenever I have to stay over night from my host. If there such ticket, I can use it from the day before to meet my host and then the next morning to use it to go to Celle or Unterluss.

In Baden Wuttemberg, we have Badish 24, with my monthly card, I can go around the whole are of BW only for 10 Eur. Is there such regional transport card from Hannover that I can use till Celle or Unterluss?

I want to see the choice of weekly ticket, if theres any suitable for my condition. As I will come on the early weekday and leave on the weekend. Would be nice if any of us can give me ideas about it.

And what will be the available cheaper option of Group Ticket from Hannover to Celle or Unterluss and vice versa? Because sometimes I also meet other fellow student in Hannover bahnhof to go together to Hermannsburg. Unfortunately all of us also foreign student, and we dont understand it.


Hope any of you can help us.



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