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On 27/01/2023, 17:32:02, Chelski said:

[re Patti Smith, see above] She was a huge soundtrack to my youth, as was Television (Tom Verlaine) for all our American music watchers.



Well, that aged well... :(


Television frontman Tom Verlaine dies at 73


Totally gutted. Marquee Moon is still one of my top 5 albums of all times.



One of the greatest guitar solos of all time starts at 4:27 and builds, and builds, and builds. The whole song is worth a listen, as indeed, is the whole album.


@mods: I have no idea how to quote from one thread to another, otherwise I would have done so. Feel free to move/delete as you see fit.




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I tried to purchase a family day ticket for the bus, costing 13.5 euros. The driver didn't have change fir a 20 euro note- so he ket us tide free! 


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"Fawlty Towers: John Cleese to revive series with daughter"



Comedy series Fawlty Towers is set to be revived after more than 40 years.


John Cleese, who played Basil Fawlty, will be returning to write and star alongside his daughter Camilla Cleese.


The new series will explore how the dramatic and cynical Basil navigates the modern world.


Castle Rock Entertainment announced on Tuesday it had closed a deal with Cleese to bring back the television series.


The revival will also see Basil and a daughter he has just discovered is his, team up to run a boutique hotel.


The new series will see actor Rob Reiner, his wife and actress Michelle, director and producer Matthew George and Derrick Rossi act as executive producers.


Cleese said when he first met George "he offered an excellent idea" which led to "one of the best creative sessions I can remember".


"By dessert we had an overall concept so good that, a few days later, it won the approval of Rob and Michele Reiner.


"Camilla and I look forward enormously to expanding it into a series."


Director George said he was "obsessed with Fawlty Towers" and meeting Cleese and his daughter was "one of the "great thrills" of his life.





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Our Timmy, successfully operated on yesterday for a  tumour, looks so cute this morning! His " hat " will be off in a couple of days, poor mite!



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43 minutes ago, Wulfrun said:




Mere 33 years later, the polar bears request his service once again.


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