What made you smile today?

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I was considering ordering the meat stew at the beach taverna today but decided to stay with orange juice! I ruled out roast stove as well!😂

Plus: I was with my Nicole and didn't want to be accompanied by anybody else!!



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I was eating a banana earlier today and I realised that I haven't seen a single fruit fly this year

I suppose the high temperatures may have killed them off


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"A family was "left in tears" after a thoughtful Royal Mail driver left a gift for a disabled man who regularly waves at traffic."


Alex Chesters, 27, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, watches from a bridge over the M6 near Stafford, his family said.

The toy truck was left with a handwritten note from a driver who noticed him waving.


Mr Chesters, who cannot walk for very long, was "obsessed with red" and usually travelled to the Ash Flats Lane bridge two or three times a week with his father Darren.

His brother said: "When he sees the Royal Mail lorries, he thinks it's Postman Pat.

"If they beep the horn, flash the lights, any form of acknowledgement that they've seen him, he absolutely loves it."


After his father and grandmother found the gift on Saturday, "we were all in tears", he added.


"Dad... put it in the family WhatsApp group and said 'look at this, I can't believe it'. Fair play to him [the driver] for finding the bridge... fair play to go out of his way.


"[It said] 'have a nice day', something as simple as that, it's really sweet, it was lovely."


A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "We were delighted by this heart-warming act of kindness by one of our colleagues.


"We are now in touch with Alex's family about arranging for him to visit a Royal Mail site and see some of our vehicles up close."







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"Herd the news? Wild boar piglet adopted by cows"


"A cow herd in Germany has gained an unlikely following, after adopting a lone wild boar piglet."






Farmer Friedrich Stapel told the dpa news agency that he spotted the piglet among the herd in the central German community of Brevoerde about three weeks ago. It had likely lost its group when they crossed a nearby river.


Stapel said while he knows what extensive damage wild boars can cause, he can’t bring himself to chase the animal away, dpa reported Thursday.


The local hunter has been told not to shoot the piglet — nicknamed Frieda — and in winter Stapel plans to put it in the shed with the mother cows.





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I can smile NOW- but not yesterday! Last day on Crete, office now emptied and with Nicole, two dogs , two heavy suitcases and a couple of smaller heavy bags, we took a 120 kilometre taxi ride to Heraklion airport and arrived TWO and a HALF hours before the scheduled flight to Hamburg. 

We decided to hang around vaguely, sedated the dogs in their bags with a tablet in a small piece of sausage , and waited for the check in information to appear on the board.


Time went on. The flight was at 12.20 but at 11- no infos yet. We chatted to some others going to Hamburg. 


I went up to one of the counters and asked what was going on. " Here is for Munich but you can join this queue anyway."


So we did- as did others.

A German couple with luggage and a small child in front of us checked in- but were told to go somewhere else.


Then it was our turn. First problem: I had forgotten to pay extra for our suitcases. My mistake- I assumed they were included. " 40 euros for each one."


" Ok, here's the money."

" You can't pay here. You have to go to the building next door."

( Annoyance building up😩)


So I found the place and Nicole and dogs and suitcases with me. Paid, got a receipt and they told me to go back to the check in place.

Nicole stayed put with the dogs and I went back to the check in counter with the suitcases.


Lady behind the counter: " the conveyor belt isn't working. You have to go to another place outside the building with a security office."


( Really pissed off now😩)


Left the building, blinded by the sun , and, after asking fellow travellers, ended up at a door. Security guy: " Those suitcases are not hand luggage. " I shouted: " that is our cargo luggage- SUITCASES 😡). He made a phone call. Then ok. Went in and that was the place with a functioning conveyor belt.


I rushed back to Nicole and the dogs and we made our sweating way to the security check.

( Looked at my watch before having to take off my belt and all the rest of it)


( " Go back, take the dog out and leave its bag behind and carry the dog in" ).

So I did.


We rushed to the gate, showed boarding passes and as we got onto the stupid bus to the plane, I heard the talloy system seriously mispronouncing our names. " Last call for boarding, Mr Yon Goon und Mrs Nikohl Lower "  ( sort of).. I only knew it was our names because we were close to missing the flight.


Finally made it to Hamburg...

Still exhausted but I can smile now!


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Blimey! Just read the Eurowing pilots in Hamburg are striking today and many flights cancelled. I can imagine the stress we might be having in Heraklion today if our Eurowing flight down there has been cancelled. Nightmare😩


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