What made you smile today?

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Smile? Gen-Z? This is head-shaking!😂

I'm glad I'm now 70! (You know, the square root of 3...)😂

And born in one of the two countries bordering the US! ( You know, New Mexico)...😎🙄👍😂


I wish he would ask them the following question: " a German plane crashes on the border between France and Spain. Many passengers die. Where would they bury the survivors?"



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8 hours ago, Metall said:

I don't get the octopus picture, looks rather cruel to me...

Actually, with hindsight, I agree with you. It was the pegs like on a washing line that made me smile. Nicole went to that taverna yesterday.


I feel sorry for the octopus, which is a delicacy on Crete. I dislike all sea food. No octopus or squid etc would die for me.



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"'One person turned up to watch my Fringe show'"



A Scots comedian who went ahead with his Fringe show despite having just one person in the audience has become a festival legend.


Robin Grainger was feeling confident when he walked into his opening show in Edinburgh on Friday.

The gig marked his return to the Fringe after the pandemic - but it was not the comeback he imagined.


However, his decision to carry on sparked a chain of events that has seen ticket sales soar for subsequent shows.

Robin, from Portsoy in Aberdeenshire, told BBC Scotland: "I had been busy doing guest spots, exit flyering, the things you do during the day at the Fringe, and hadn't checked ticket sales.


"I'm an optimistic guy, it was the first Friday - everyone was tweeting about busy audiences. I thought it would be fine.


"My lovely tech operator Eric came to give me my two-minute warning and I asked how is was looking, and he winced.


"He said 'There's one'."


Robin, who moved to Edinburgh 10 years ago to make a go of comedy, said he went through "every emotion in the space of two minutes".


But then he went on stage to speak to the solitary man in the audience.


His name was Mike, from Leicester, and he said he would stay if Robin wanted to do the show.


Robin said: "I thought, he had paid his ticket and I've got a microphone and an ego, so I went for it.


"I did different stuff - it was a lot more convivial than my normal show. I did a lot of adlibs, I wrote a lot of it there on the stage. I tried to tailor it to Mike, really. And he was really laughing.


"Afterwards, I was outside a bit flustered and he came out and he was crying, laughing, and he gave me a hug and he said that was brilliant."


Friday was day one of his run at the Edinburgh Fringe but unbeknown to Robin, one other person had been listening to the show.


The Scotsman's veteran comedy critic Kate Copstick had arrived early to review Ryan Cullen in the next show.

From outside she had heard a comic "getting into his rhythm" and clearly having a good show.


Front of house staff told her there was just one audience member there.


She was blown away and the next day posted about it on social media


Ms Copstick said: "Last night I went to see Ryan Cullen at The Stand.


"I got there a wee bit early, and listened to the show before his. Robin Grainger. Who was, as we say in Scotland, giving it laldy.


"It sounded great. The FOH crew told me he had only one person in. Total respect and liking for a comic that can do that.


"And I spoke to the one person when he came out. Said he had been handed a flyer and had a spare hour so came along.

"'I cannot remember ever laughing that much," he said. 'I might go and see other comedy but it will have to go some to top that'.

"Now, to me, that reads like a five."



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