Converting a US driver's license to a German one

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Hello all,

Before I start a new forum topic, I'll post here to see if anyone can help me out.


I'm from Michigan and I've been living in Augsburg for the past seven years - and decided that with my new job in the automotive industry, I should finally exchange my driver's license.


I've translated my driver's license, driver's record, and even a letter from the state of Michigan stating that my driver's license (in this case Fahrerlaubnis) was originally issued back in 2003.


Right now, there's only one sentence standing between me and being able to convert my license.


Because DLs in Michigan are renewed every four years (the current one was issued in 2017), the Führerscheinstelle in Augsburg wants a letter from the Michigan DMV stating that "Die Fahrerlaubnis wurde nicht unterbrochen, da lediglich der abgelaufene Führerschein durch einen neuen Führerschein ersetzt wurde."

I've already spoken with the State of Michigan, and they said that they wouldn't be able to write this because there is no 'Fahrerlaubnis' or how I translated it "the ability or authorization to drive."


I already pointed out to the Augsburg DMV that my translated driver's record states that my 'Fahrerlaubnis ist gültig,' that the current driver's license (Führerschein) was renewed, and that the record would have stated if anything was suspended. Augsburg didn't budge and said that everyone else has been able to get this sentence, so it shouldn't be a problem for me.


Has anyone run into this issue? And if so, how was this resolved?


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On 02/07/2015, 15:54:53, cappy208 said:

You can get your license back if you ask for it,  after a waiting period.  BUT,  it is easier when you return to the US to just go back to the RMV in your state and get another license (provided yours hasn't expired) when you visit next time.    Or go prior to leaving  and do the 'i lost it' thing and get another copy that way.


The only issue will be upon renewing.  You have to go back and do that in person.  I only know of one state that renews by mail.  Maybe that's changed.  


The states list of reciprocity with Germany is key.  there are only 7 states which give easy switches to German licenses.    Make sure you have the insurance coverage paper which lists education (drivers ed however it is listed) and a -0- points count.    If you have points, and'or  no drivers ed (or proof of) you will have to spend about 2000E to go to drivers school in Germany.


Thank you very much! Just saw this info now.


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