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Hey All


This may seem a bit of a strange topic, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a way I can volunteer to help out with old people in Nuremberg. This is an area I would really like to be involved in.


Any information is greatly received.




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Hi Birrell83


I thought your intentions were admirable so I did a little research for you but then, thanks to the evil time robbers World Cup 2014 and hangs, freeezes and crashes in Firefox 29 & 30, I forgot about your post hence the delayed response. I think the following links should, with some persistence, help you to make contact with a community who will appreciate your efforts.


Active volunteering in Nuremberg (Ehrenamtlich aktiv in Nürnberg)

ISKA link to ZAB (Zentrum Aktiver Bürger)


Using the ZAB Bürgernet database search tool with the parameters set to; Tätigkeit: Alle, Handlungsfeld: Leben in Alter gets 101 results for volunteering opportunities with the elderly in Nuremberg. You should be able to narrow that down to more specific results by entering your complete PLZ and choosing the activity/ies (Tätigkeit) best suited for you before clicking 'Suche starten'


Btw, webpages which are available only in German can be machine translated in whole or in part via http//www.translate.google.com

First set your choice of source and target languages then...

To translate entire webpages simply copy/paste the URL (webpage address) in to the left side editor box and click the blue 'Translate' button and, when you see it, the 'Translating...' button. After a few moments an approximate version in your chosen language should appear.

Because a machine translator makes no allowance for context (think of the choices of meaning that a word like "bow" offers) it may give a lower error quotient if you copy/paste sections of text (ca. 300 - 500 word blocks) in to the box and click Translate.


HTH - Good luck.




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