What did you regret today?

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Thank you sosarx, the heavy cloud of guilt affects our intellect.  Good advise. 


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i´m moving back to the US this summer...

my ex-wife has "insisted" (i reckon that is an appropriate word for it) that i give up "Sorgerecht" for the kids...

she's been hounding me and stressing me and threatening me about it.

so i said, "Phucket! you just write a letter and i'll sign the thamn ding"...


i really wish i had the nerves to fight against her on this.

but i reckon she is only worried, in case any emergencies with the kids happen...

that she wouldn´t do anything to hurt my relationship with the kids

they will be visiting me every summer, beginning with this one.

which is also for her benefit.


despite my instincts, i made the mistake of telling my mom about this...

who is now losing her head over it.

as she thinks that my ex-wife has only malicious intent in mind.


i wish i didn't sign that letter and/or had kept my mouth shut about it.


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