Take daily injection to avoid blood clot

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6 hours ago, BobbyDigital said:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find Sarabyrd's old post, but I saw what she wrote here...

I ruptured my achilles in June and had a cast on until today. I did the stupid shots every day for 8 weeks, I'm not trying to take any chances, and the needle is really no big deal!


That being said, I told the Dr today that I had some pretty strong pain in the back of my thigh. He sent me immediately to an internal Dr who did an ultrasound on my veins in my leg, and... yep! Thrombosis... I start taking the pills this evening. I'm pretty freaked out and I just hope that I caught it soon enough and that it doesn't make it's way to my lungs, heart or brain. 2 weeks ago, I had noticed some cramping in my calf, but I thought it was just normal pain... now I'm wondering if it had started there and made it's way up to my thigh in the past 2 weeks.


Not really sure why the shots didn't prevent it, maybe I should get my blood checked out more.


I'm 41, by the way.

I had a clot also last year after falling down on my knees! My whole life change after that. I wonder why they didnt keep you in the hospital after they found you clotted even with the shots?!.

I was sent to genetic testing right after I got second clot. This is started when I got 40. Genetic testing said i have no mutations or faktors showing anythint but

regardless i am been kept on blood thinners.


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Well that was the problem with finding this out on Friday afternoon, I have a lot more questions now, but will have to wait til tomorrow morning.

But I wasn't in the hospital to begin with, just had gone to a "Praxis" to see an internist. 


Are you going to have to take blood thinners for the rest of your life? And what happened after they found your clot(s)? They put you on blood thinners? What do they do, like "whittle" the clot down, or dissolve it... I mean, if it gets smaller, then it can travel more easily to other parts of your body, right?


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On 8/14/2020, 5:54:49, pappnase said:

If anyone is interested, the Sarabyrd thread was this one I think "The Wonderful World of Socialized Medical Care"


*The forum software has been updated so some of the links don't work, but the thread topic identifiers have been kept.  In the link above that identifier was "162564" Searching for that in the search box is how I found the thread.




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