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Freelance rates for designer & developer in Berlin

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Hey guys,


I'm looking in to freelancing here in Berlin after 5+ years working for an agency in UK and 7 months here in a start-up environment as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer.


I was wondering if anyone had any tips for getting started, mainly:



  • What is an appropriate day rate to charge in Berlin?
  • Would you advise i get an accountant to deal with tax etc?
  • Any other potential hurdles :)







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The biggest hurdle will be finding customers.


What you charge is a mixture of (1) what customers will pay - the cheaper you are the easier it is to find customers - and (2) what you need to live. My guess to calculate maintaining your current lifestyle is your current gross pay, plus 20% for additional social contributions (that your employer pays today) plus another 20% as you'll have to pay your own holidays, and maybe another 19% mehrwertsteuer... (just made up numbers)


Have a look at this website:


And see if you can find something comparable (from Germany) on a freelance website like, to see what the current market rates are.


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