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Problems entering Realschule, know of loopholes?

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A co-worker told me that his son only got a hauptschule recommendation and they visited every realschule in town at the time begging someone to take him. Finally, they found one who would. He said he got through realschule ok and then decided to do an apprenticeship. Completed that, worked for a couple of years and then went to a fachhochschule and did the abitur there and did fine. Now he is at university and still doing fine.


However, the same guys daughter who went to gymnasium and completed the abitur without a problem was not interested in going to university and did an apprenticeship at an office instead where she now works.


There was a guy too in one of those talent shows a couple of years back who said he started out from a sonderschule and managed to go to abitur so it is possible. Although it took him until he was 25. They asked him if it's common and he said not really, he said he's the only one in Germany he knows about.


If you can't get him into a realschule, try for a gesamtschule. He wouldn't have to change schools then if his grades get better.


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On 3/22/2014, 12:02:23, PandaMunich said:

Since you live in Bavaria, there is a loophole.

Since your son has not been attending the Grundschule from grade 1, he's not bound by the 2.66 average cut-off for Realschule.


You can find this information in §25 Absatz 5 GrSo, i.e. article 25, paragraph 5 of the Grundschulordnung Bayern (yes, we have a law for everything ;) ):


  • (5) Für Schülerinnen und Schüler mit nichtdeutscher Muttersprache, die nicht bereits ab Jahrgangsstufe 1 eine deutsche Grundschule besucht haben, kann auch bis zu einer Gesamtdurchschnittsnote von 3,33 die Eignung festgestellt werden, wenn dies auf Schwächen in der deutschen Sprache zurückzuführen ist, die noch behebbar erscheinen. Die Eignung für den Bildungsweg des Gymnasiums oder der Realschule setzt für Schülerinnen und Schüler mit nichtdeutscher Muttersprache grundsätzlich die Bestätigung im Übertrittszeugnis voraus, dass die Schülerin oder der Schüler dem deutschsprachigen Unterricht folgen kann.




  • For pupils whose mother tongue is not German and who have not attended a German primary school from grade 1, the suitability for Gymnasium or Realschule can also be attested up to a grade average of 3.33, as long as these low grades are only caused by weaknesses in understanding German which can still be remedied. However, there will have to be a statement in the Übertrittszeugnis (= grade sheet that pupils get on May 2nd attesting which higher school they will attend) to the effect that the pupil is able to follow classes held in German.


So, with two 3s and a 4, he should still be allowed into Realschule.


For details, please read Are there ratings or reviews of Munich schools?


Dear PandaMunich you are so helpful, I have been reading all the posts about this that you have answered :). The loophole link law does not exist anymore :(, I have to look and see if there is another one ;). We are thinking to move back to Munich, Germany (if DH gets a good offer). My son is 10 years old finishing 4th class in Ireland and my daughter is 7 finishing 1st class. After all the reading and asking the friends that stayed in Munich I think the best is to write the Schulberatung. I do not know if it is so easy to change from Mittelschule to Realschule as it looks like in the Schulberatung webpage. I would not mind the Mittelschule for a year so he catch ups in German and then transfer to Realschule, or Gymnasium according to his grades (from the Bildungsweg page it should be possible). 



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34 minutes ago, Cecibio said:

 The loophole link law does not exist anymore :(,


It's now here:

§6, Absatz 6 says:

"For pupils with a non-German mother tongue who have not attended a German primary school from grade 1 onwards, aptitude may also be determined up to an overall average grade of 3.33 if this is attributable to weaknesses in the German language which appear to be capable of being remedied. The suitability for the educational path of the Gymnasium or the Realschule presupposes for these pupils that they have attended German lessons for a reasonable period of time before the issue of the transfer certificate in accordance with subsection 2." 


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