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ZELLER & SEYFERT - Employment Law and IP/IT Law

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ZELLER & SEYFERTEmployment Law and IP/IT Law for Expats in Germany




Atty. Dr. Christian Zeller and Atty. Dr. Christian Seyfert, LL.M., specialize in German Employment Law and IP/IT Law. Both are passionate litigators at court and have worked and studied abroad (USA, UK, NZ).


ZELLER & SEYFERT PartGmbB mainly represent expats in Germany and medium-sized international companies before German and European courts and before German and European authorities.


We provide courtroom representation and advice in the following subareas of Employment & Labor Law and IP/IT Law:


- Termination, Resignation & Dismissal (Severance Packages)

- Trademark Law

- Management Liability

- Copyright Law

- Non-compete Cases / Competition Law

- Patent Law

- Pension Disputes

- Design Law

- Film Law

- Music Law

- Media Law & Entertainment Law

- Employee Invention Law

- Internet Law for Online Businesses

- Protection of Personality Rights (Defamation)

- Commercial Agent Claims

- Shareholder Disputes (GmbH, eG, AG, SE, KG)


Our fee structure is fair and transparent. You will never receive a surprise bill from our firm. We mainly bill on a fixed fee basis for milestones agreed upon beforehand. Furthermore, we are open for success driven fees where this is permitted by German law.


We are based in Frankfurt am Main and have meeting rooms in Berlin. But as we can provide most of our services web-based, via email and via telephone, we are used to work for clients from all over Germany – and literally anywhere in the world.


It is easy to get in touch with us: Our telephone lines are open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Your request through our contact form or via email will be responded to by a German qualified Attorney within significantly less than 24 hours.




Law Firm Headquarters:

ZELLER & SEYFERT Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwaelten mbB

Tower 185

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37

D-60327 Frankfurt am Main


Tel.: +49 (0)69-58 80 972-40 (native English-speaking secretary)

Fax: +49 (0)69-58 80 972-31




Office Berlin:

Friedrichstrasse 88

10117 Berlin


Tel.: +49 (0)30-34 40 834-02 (native English-speaking secretary)

Fax: +49 (0)30-34 40 834-03




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