Annual Toytown Oktoberfest Party, 100 seats

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The request for 100 seats at Schottenhamel was submitted in January. Please keep this topic on watch (top right of the topic), I will update it once I have heard from the reservations office. And when I say put it on watch I mean it – the sign-up list was full in three hours last year. There will be an announcement 24 hours before the list opens, and then they’re off!


Link to last year's topic.


Due to popular demand you can only sign up two people, i.e. yourself and +1. Do not bother adding a running number, I will post a notice when the list is full.


<<Sign up in this format only!>>


user name

user name + 1


Please note the spaces before the + and the 1 - they are there to make the Excel spreadsheet easier to manage.



  • Do not abbreviate your user name.
  • Do not misspell your user name.
  • Do not send me a PM to sign up.



Once the 100 seats are full there will be a waiting list. Based on my experience over the last years you have a good chance of making the cut no matter how late you sign up.


There is a new rule this year: Last year I had to cover no less than €1,000 for members who signed up but either didn’t manage to pay in time, or didn’t bother to de-register, or didn’t even read their PMs requesting payment. This year, once you sign up on the topic you are liable for a down-payment, due in my business account 10 days after your sign-up date. If you miss the deadline (without contacting me beforehand and groveling for a few more days' time) you are off the list without benefit of clergy!


If you de-register through 15 September you will receive a refund for the actual voucher costs. If you de-register after 15 September you only receive a refund if someone takes over your seat/s. Any seats becoming available after 1 September will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis, regardless if you are on the waiting list. The two seats per person rule still applies.


The voucher prices will be announced by mid-June. I estimate the costs per person for two beers, 1/2 chicken and the snack platter at app. €45 (including a small consideration for my time, electricity and nerves)


See you there!


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Just so you don't waste time waiting for this to happen soon: Last year the sign-up list was opened on 15 May (an hour late).


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Good news!


Schottenhamel is now processing my reservation requests, first considering those reservations that I have had over the past few years. So, barring accidents, this party is going to happen!


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The 100 seats have been confirmed!


Start chomping at your bits, the signup sheet will be officially opened at 2:30 PM tomorrow today (Thursday 17 April). Please remember to sign up as follows:



sarabyrd + 1


(The spaces are important!)



  1. Do NOT make a list
  2. Do NOT abbrev. ur user name
  3. DO NOT misppell your user name (see what I did there?!?)
  4. Do NOT send me a PM to sign up
  5. And most of all, do NOT sign up more than yourself and your + 1




Thank you for not making this cat-herding project harder than it already is.


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Gosh, it's fun watching you all creeping out of the woodwork! The topic is set to auto-open but I am watching it as well.




Update in post #109


Allershausen 1

mark_h 1 1

atieghi 1 1

Boba 1 1

Canada94 1

Christiane_Munich 1 1

Colin2 1 1

Corneliu 1 1

crisillo 1 1

DallasAsianGirl 1 1

DandL 1 1

DanOC 1 1

David 1976 1

easy-g 1 1

enview 1 1

Finnergin 1 1

flowerfairy 1 1

G24 1 1

Gen 1 1

Ghostrider16 1 1

Guvnor 1

HH_sailor 1 1

Guest 1 1

keywasted 1 1

klingklang77 1

Kool Aid Kid 1 1

krakp 1 1

Kris17 1

Leon747 1

lskarp 1 1

Madame Cholet 1 1

MadAxeMurderer 1

Mapleleafdude 1 1

maryion 1 1

MightyTown 1 1

Minitat 1 1

morning 1 1

Moumoun03 1 1

Nagi 1 1

OzMike 1 1

paperrchain 1

PeterC 1

Pyrchick 1 1

Redjohn 1 1

Rog 1 1

RS500Guy 1 1

SamBay 1

Sarabyrd 1 1

Sbobowski 1 1

Scarborough 1 1

simpkins 1

sweet afton 1 1

TechTraveler 1 1

TinySwede 1

Traveler 1 1

TriniLana 1 1

tsh 1 1

walmerroad 1

Waiting list:


107cosmo 1 1

Herr_Karl 1 1


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