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Experiences UMUC faculty/employees

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Hi everyone, first post here!


I am applying for a travelling professorship with UMUC. They operate on military bases, but housing and car allowances are not given to faculty. I have searched the net looking for stories from employees, especially travelling instructional staff, and I only found ONE (which made the experience sound absolutely horrid). I am looking for any information on working with UMUC. The job description says a car will be needed and you will be relocated 3-5 times...are you expected to get a new license each time you move? What is the salary like? How difficult is it to find temporary furnished housing. I am posting here because most military bases in Europe are in Germany, so I figured I would get the best results here. Any advice, even if you aren't instructional staff, would be helpful. I am really interested in this position but the one thing I read didn't look good.


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