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I am bumping up this thread, as I have been asked to provide a Certificate of fiscal residence (i.e. Ansässigkeitsbescheinigung) by a foreign institution before they can pay me for doing freelance work for them. This is because they are very strict/afraid of their own tax people.


I have done this before with HMRC and it does not seem complicated in Germany.


The thing is this. The foreign institution want to pay me in the forthcoming months, for work I have already done, but ask that I provide them with a certificate already covering that period, i.e. in advance.


I am not sure if the German tax authorities will do this? I have just moved (end of last year), have the tax number and all, but I will in theory (in my mind) only become a tax resident once I reach the middle of this year. For example, how do the tax people here know that I will not leave before then and so not be a tax resident (I do not even know myself).


I am asking in case anyone has experience of this and knows if I can get this. I see that the German version is slightly different from the UK certificate - it does not list any dates, it just seems to say "in Deutschland ansässig ist/is resident in Germany"...


I can provide further information if I have not been terribly clear. Thanks.



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