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I have recently started looking for work in Nürnberg and have heard some good things about the Messe in terms of English speakers being welcome. I would just like to know if anyone has advice on how to get started there, either in helping set up events or during the events.


I have looked on the Messe website and the only things I can find are related to training and internships, which I'm sure would be for German speakers. So is it best to go to the Messe and hand in a CV, look for work on agency websites or to contact some of the companies that will be exhibiting there?


Any advice would be really appreciated,




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What are you actually looking for? The Bundesagentur für Arbeit have offices at the Messe Nürnberg where companies can hunt down temporary labour. It's often used by students and unemployed who hang around outside during event rig and de-rig on the off-chance someone will come looking for crew to help them with build and tear-down. It's also use for hostesses and temporary stand staff.


There are also a number of agencies who either employ or use freelance staff for event work in Nürnberg and elsewhere -, ArtLogic and i-workx to name but three. If you are the muscular, outdoor type, they are likely to consider you, and speaking English is sometimes a bonus.


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