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Hey gang. I have had a search but haven't really found a similar topic.


I have had a bit of a problem with my mailbox. Someone apparently ordered an expensive watch from an internet shopping company when I was out

the country, got it sent to my postbox then broke in to the postbox to steal it. I got a letter some six weeks later from the company informing me that I hadn't paid for said watch. I filled out a Strafanzeige with the Berliner Polizei, and they then telephoned me to ask a question and then said that it sounded like a Scheinanschrift case.


I have a couple questions for the Toytown massive.


The company in question has now sent me a second warning, despite me having written to them informing them of the case. Is there any particular thing I can say to them to stop them sending warnings? (and indeed as a follow up question, surely I am not liable for this expense?)


The company wants to see the Unterlagen from the Polizei, but I haven't yet received anything from them, after a week or so. Should I be receiving anything from the Polizei, and how long would it typically take? Would it be sensible for me to send the shopping company the number of the Bearbeitungsnummer so that they can ask the Police themselves?


Sorry for the rather trivial nature of the questions, but this being Germany, I want to do everything Ordnungsgemäß.


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You have to become active to get the info from the police. Contact the precinct you spoke to, get their file number (Tagebuchnummer) and ask to see the files (Akteneinsicht). Make copies of anything that you deem important (like, everything), give the files back and inform the watch company of the file number. Refuse any payment or liability. If they want money from you they have to prove that you, and not someone using your name and address, entered into a contract with them.


Good luck!


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