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Bad living experience in Grombuhlstrasse, Wurzburg

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In 1 year and half living at the end of Grombuhlstrasse, in Wurzburg (close to the bridge to go to the MacFit), I had to deal with


  • Drunken neighbor shouting nonsense in the stairs for hours until late in the evening (police involved)
  • Drunken neighbor throwing wine on the stairs while coming back on a Saturday night from god knows where
  • Neighbor playing loud music (crappy, the kind of music that is popular on German radios) until 1 a.m. during the week or in the afternoon on Sundays
  • Violent neighbor punching his girlfriend in the face (with blood coming from the wounds, she briefly collapsed from the shock, and police obviously involved)
  • Neighbor trashing the stairs (he/she dumped the content of his/her garbage bin on the stairs, and the Hausverwaltung put a "reward" of 50€ for anybody providing information about who he/she was...I'm not sure if this was successful, but it didn't happen again)
  • People damaging cars in the ground floor garage
  • Neds (yes, they exist also in Germany, although many Germans will deny this, since their country is paradise on earth, and poverty and anti-social behaviors here don't exist, only in the US and the UK) misusing and littering the common backyard garden
  • Bad landlady never repairing broken furniture (was broken when I moved in, was still broken when I moved out 1.5 years later...ok, partially my fault because I didn't "push" enough and did not involve the Mieterverein, but still...)
  • Older neighbor looking at my young sister in a "certain way" (you know what I mean, in a disgusting way. My sister felt uncomfortable...)
  • Rude old neighbors never replying back to a "Guten Morgen"/"Gruss Gott" when meeting them on the stairs (but at this point I know that what in other civilized countries is considered "rude", in Germany is considered "normal")



Please note that I'm referring to different people in all of this...all this crap was not done by the same person (it was at least 2-3 different people). There were (and still are) also other decent hard-working neighbors living there, but a few bad apples made (and probably still make) the place a dump.


Please think twice before going to live in that part of the city (the city is already bad on its own, with its ultra-conservative mentality, you don't want to make your life even more miserable)...most of Grombuhl is nice, but the 2nd half of it is rubbish...


Before moving to Germany, since I followed their rubbish media, I though that this was a paradise of honesty, order and safety full of wealth (especially in a big village like Wurzburg...I might be willing to expect all of this if I'd live in St. Pauli in Hamburg or in Neukolln in Berlin).


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I can't help but wonder why you didn't move out earlier?!


Honestly, it does sound as though you might be just a little too sensitive to some things - the greetings for instance. Some German automatically reply and some don't even hear greetings.

The neighbour who looked at your sister in "a certain way", well, take a look at the thread about Germans staring and consider if that wasn't the case.


"Crappy loud music like they play on the radio" is a wonderful description(!) - be happy it wasn't heavy metal or something that would really rock the foundations of the buildings!


If noise is a problem, simply ask neighbours to be a little more considerate. If that fails, contact the Hausverwaltung. If that fails, call the police - regularly!


Damage to cars etc is a police matter, and I hope that they were involved (since you do not mention this)


As for domestic assault, well, either the girl pressed charges or she didn't, but if you don't have the courage to get in the middle of things and separate the two of them, then you don't need to complain that they were fighting, do you? These things happen!


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