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PEP! What is it good for?

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PEP! What is it good for?

Podium Discussion

23.11.2013 15:30

Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1 (ESA A)

PEP! What is it good for? - Facebook Event



Why study politics with economics and philosophy? What's the value of an interdisciplinary program? Can generalists provide insight and solutions to the challenges facing our world, or would specialization be more beneficial? In a time of profound crisis, how should we move forward? These topics and more will be investigated and debated at our podium discussion.


Join and discuss with:

Prof. Dr. Jetta Frost, Vice President of the University of Hamburg.


Prof. Dr. Perry Mehrling, Professor in the Economics Department at Barnard College/Columbia University and Director of Education Programs for the Institute for New Economic Thinking.


Andreas Streubig, Head of Corporate Responsibility Department, Otto Group.


The discussion will be moderated by the journalist Oskar Piegsa!

To English speakers in Hamburg!


The students of the MSc Politics, Economics, and Philosophy program at the University of Hamburg have worked tirelessly over the past year to put together the first ever European PEP Conference. I wouldn't normally "spam" Toytown like this, but I myself am in the PEP program because it is instructed entirely in English, and I think it could be of real interest to any native English speakers who want to study in Germany. The PEP program itself is still in its infancy, and accordingly we've encountered some challenges pertaining to how the separate disciplines are emphasized, and how different methods are approached, among other things.


I'm also someone who, thanks to the information and connections and help in the Toytown community, was able to get my foot in the door of Germany four years ago, and I'm grateful for that. That's why I'm ignoring my fear of being a nuisance by spamming you with an event for which I'm partially responsible; I genuinely believe this could be useful to some people.


The Podium Discussion "PEP - What is it good for?" is an event -- open to the public and free of charge -- wherein these challenges will be addressed and debated by people from academia as well as from the private sector. Besides being interesting in its own rite, I think the discussion (or better said, after the discussion) could be a good time to snag someone who's been involved with PEP and ask them what it's like to study in Germany. There will be around 50 students, professors, and program directors from all around Germany who are used to speaking English (as well as about that many from other countries), so it's as good a place as any to inform yourselves about German universities in general, and particularly about PEP.


This is obviously not the purpose of the event or the conference itself--we're not advertising PEP, but actually trying to get at the heart of the challenges that permeate interdisciplinary study programs and research in general. As such, I think -- if you stick around till after the event -- you'll get more honest answers about PEP and about studying in Germany than through conventional avenues of collecting such information. That said, we'd like all people to come to the discussion and pose challenging questions about interdisciplinary studies, and not just prospective students looking to further their studies! (The latter, as said, can wait until afterwards).


Please join us!


P.S. If you're in Facebook, please join the event there to get updates!



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