Setting up a home-based cake decorating business

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On 12/20/2013, 2:40:21, SaffieGerm11 said:



Hi there


I would like to get some advice on selling homemade items (cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc) privately (ie. not wholesale) in Dusseldorf.


1) Can this be done in my own kitchen as it would be for private customers (like family and friends, birthday parties, etc) or would I need a second kitchen for this?


2) Would I need to register as a small business (for tax purposes)?


3) Would I need a Food Health & Safety Certificate? If so, can this be done in English here in Germany?


I have already been told that Germans are amazing bakers, etc. I don't want to take any 'business' as such away from them. I just love and enjoy baking and if I get the chance to bake for a birthday party of a distant family member (from my German husband's side), I just want to know if I am allowed to charge them for it or not.


Looking forward to hearing from someone 'in the know'.




@SaffieGerm11 Germans are great bakers and have some delicious pastries and sweet dishes but that doesn't mean there isn't a space or a place for you too!  People love to try new things. Let nothing stop you :-) xx


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