Where to buy an engagement ring in Berlin

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Hi everyone, I'm going to be in Berlin next weekend and am planning on buying an engagement ring. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go? I have a budget of up to 1000EUR but really it depends on the ring more than the price.


Any recommendations would be great, I'll be around the Charlottenburg area quite a bit but can travel all over the city.




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When Germans get engaged they may use a simple gold band as an engagement ring. Later that becomes the wedding ring.


When I proposed to my German girlfriend we were living in the UK. I remember her surprise when I took her to the jeweller's window full of sparkly diamond rings "You mean I can have one of those!"


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Yeah my parents have this (Married in germany before moving to Ireland)


I've been looking around on line at a few and it seems the "sparkly" is also possible to get but I'm not sure of the jewellers to go to / trust


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The Engagement ring is not so popular in Germany - its more of an Anglo-American tradition. You may get engaged witht he wedding ring (more choice in Gemrany) and then switch it form one hand to the other when you get married.


However... there are engagement rings.


First, the classic.


Tiffany's. Very expensive, too. They have asection called "Verlobungsringe"



However, most are beyond your budget. In the "normal" jewellery section there are afew nice rings that look like a classic engagement ring



Then, there is the Peretti designed band with a small diamond for 1300 EURO. I have this one and its a wonderful timeless design but they are so much cheaper in the US.


Tiffany policy is to buy conflict free diamonds only and buys direct from mines.



Some other high street shops like Wempe say that all their diamonds are conflict-free.



Last not least, go vintage.

Lots of diamond solitaires and other beautiful rings in some antique shops.

You get more carat for your money and usually platinum set diamands. Because they are older cuts they may not be as sparkly as more modern cut but their style wins for me every time.


Here are my favourites: From S-Bahn Friedrichsstrasse, go walk along the S-Bahn-Line towards the Pergamonmuseum (Georgenstrasse). After 100 or 200m or so you come to an antiques Centre in the arches, lots of really nice sellers in there. Lots of jewellery. I like silver and oftne see something really good at reasonable prices.

I think at least one of them will speak English.


The second shop I know is Rheinfrank in Mitte. It is kind of a trendy shop and much more expensive. They'll almost definitely speak English.



There are lots of other vintage jewellery shops around but I only have been to these two personally and would recommend them as decent well run shops.


Hope this helps. Happy ring shopping!


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