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Employment in the Nürnberg metro area

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Yet another 'searching for a job' thread...


But since I figured that almost everyone here HAS to be working somewhere, and a percentage of those people are probably in the technical field, then perhaps I could get a few pointers from people who are already working here.


I recently finished my Maschinenbautechniker Ausbildung (State Certified Engineer course) and am now actively looking for employment. I had reasonably good grades (2.5 average) even though my German isn't fluent (the course was completely in German). I am now looking for a position in a company that does business internationally, and would LIKE to work in Technical Support or Customer Service (I also finished the first step of my REFA Work Organizer Certification this year).


What I am looking for in this thread are tips, insider details, things to try, things to avoid, feedback on the current status of the job market, or just about any tidbit of information that could help me find a job in my field.


Of course, if anyone knows about an open position, that too would be most helpful. :)


A bit of background info: I have lived here for 4 1/2 years, know all about the 'Zeitarbeit Firmen' (and would like to avoid them if possible), am relatively flexible (although I am married and have 3 kids, one of which was born 2 weeks ago :) )


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