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Petition for Dr. Nicodemus

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Dear Toytowners related to Bayreuth University.


Please find below a petition filled to bring back Dr. Cornelia Nicodemus in Welcome Center of Bayreuth University.

If you are/ were student of Bayreuth University and got in touch of the Welcome Center of the university then you surely know Dr. Nicodemus.

Please help us to convey bayreuth international students opinion on this important issue.


Thanks and regards,



We, former and current international scholars of the University of Bayreuth, have been recently informed that the University of Bayreuth has made an unexpected decision regarding the position of Dr. Cornelia Nicodemus of the Welcome Center. Since we have always been supported by her kindness and professional assistance, we kindly ask the University of Bayreuth to reconsider this decision on her position by sharing our opinions toward her performance throughout her years of duty.


As one of important personnel and the one, who effectively fulfills the objectives of the Welcome Center of the University of Bayreuth, Dr. Nicodemus has always provided us many useful and significant information on the first steps in Bayreuth. This process, however, was very crucial for us as foreigners, because with transparent clarification from Dr. Nicodemus, we could concentrate more on our projects without any anxiety related to our living in our new home as Bayreuthers.


Even if Bayreuth certainly provides a peaceful environment and the University of Bayreuth always offers many facilities to make sure that we have a comfortable life and working space, through which we are very grateful, it is still difficult to adjust to this new environment without any consultants. Dr. Nicodemus is one of the professional consultants, if not one of the best, in the field of academic supports. As seen in her effective connection with the Bayreuth immigration office and her prompt support, regarding finding flats or apartments and many others, she has been proved to be very knowledgeable and informative.


Furthermore, we have always benefited from her organizing many cultural events. Through these events and field trips she conducted, we have not only known more about Germany, including German cultures and laws, but we have also made international connections with other scholars, through which we have shared and enlarged our ideas. Her project of the Bayreuth Mentoring Program has been excellent and second to none. With this project, we have been connected to local Bayreuthers who have always been kind and friendly to us, regardless of our different backgrounds, nations, and “race”.


In addition, she has always been ready for emergency cases. When we had problems, she was one of the first that we turned to, simply because she has never let us down. In any cases, she has always responded us very promptly. Dr. Nicodemus has always made us feel at home in Bayreuth. According to all mentioned, we think that she has done an excellent job.


Therefore, once again, we beg to ask the University of Bayreuth to take our opinions and benefits into account and reconsider this decision.




Sincerely yours,


Former and current international scholars at the University of Bayreuth




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