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Scrolling Supplies in Nürnberg Area

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I'm not asking for a legal opinion. Just a source for scrolling supplies in the Nuremberg area. Nothing controversial.


I am a scroller. What is a scroller, you ask? It is a person (artisan) (craftsman) who creates scroll art on a scroll saw. This is a scroll saw.




Here is an example of scroll art. In this example, it is a schwibbogen. About 12" x 18" with lights sandwiched between the layers. I design (usually from the patterns of other scrollers) and cut mostly scwibbogens.




What I am looking for is where to buy scrolling supplies in the Nuremberg area. Stuff like wood, blades, patterns, lights, etc.


Any info or help will be appreciated.


Would also like to know if there are any scrollers on TT.




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