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On 17/05/2019, 08:35:46, theGman said:

Game of Thrones petition: 500,000 demand series eight remake


I have enjoyed watching each episode this season. But on reflection, always felt a bit disappointed. After this last episode though, I feel less conflicted. I assume that Aryia will now go on to kill Daenerys, leaving John on the throne with his sisters by his side. All said and done, this is satisfying to me. It means that the Starks have defeated the white walkers, defeated the Lanisters and then taken down Daenerys to leave them the last ones standing. Each take down has been maybe a bit weak, but the conclusion works for me.


The only question I have is Bran...until now, his journey has seemed pointless to me.


And what happens to Tyrion...


I wasn't too far off I guess. But yea, bit of a let down. All just seemed rather pointless in the end. Bran became king for...well no reason really. John got banished to the wall...meh, pointless. Sansa decided to not unite the kingdoms...ok whatever. Aryia runs off. The dragon disappears. Bronn got a seat at the table for some reason and made some jokes. Actually all those final scenes were flat.


I dunno, the conclusions were OK but after 8 seasons I was expecting tears, joy, laughter etc. But in the end, was absolutely fine just to see it over.


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People always said how Sansa is weak but look what she's been through.  She was tormented and blackmailed by Cersei, shamed and used as a punching bag whenever Joffrey had his period, got coerced by Tywin Lannister into a marriage, had a breather with Tyrion, was pressured by her aunt to marry her cousin (which never happened), was manipulated by Baelish into marrying a complete psychopath, then was raped, tortured and humiliated by Ramsey Bolton while her emasculated foster brother watched.  And she's still standing.  Not only standing but she's a queen and managed to gain independence for the North.  She might have a been a frightened little girl during Season 1 but she's not anymore.


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