Child starting school this year

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Just an update, for those who contributed and followed the thread.


Daughter started school. She was assigned the teacher (whom at the time we did not know was a teacher), who had an issue with her not going to K-garten and her shyness.


Fast forward and my husband went to parents (all parents) teacher night a week or so after school started (he was elected parent co-chair for the class :D ) .


But what was wonderful, and expected, but nice to be acknowledged, was that the teacher took my husband aside and told him that "though I was worried as Juliet acted so shy when I met her, she is not shy at all in class. She raises her hand and participates regularly. She gets along well with the other children, is very well behaved, and has no problems with the materials covered."


So that is that.


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Glad to hear that everything has worked out!


When our primary schools invite future pupils to visit our school for a day, of course we are on high alert to see how they behave, interact with each other and, of course, cope with the school environment. Even though I'm a subject teacher and not an Erzieher, I too have to be on the look out for any warning signs (not sharing, not respecting others, etc).


I can vaguely (and I mean vaguely) see where the teacher was coming from. Kids who didn't go to Kindergarten (which is perfectly legal, of course) often show more difficulty with integrating into school life. This can be expressed through, alas, shyness. You have obviously done a lot to support and encourage your child before she started school and that has more than paid off.


For what it's worth, well for at least parents in the same position (kid is bored in Kindergarten but isn't quite school age yet), it might be worth looking into schools which offer two intakes a year (September and February). Starting school in Feb rather than waiting til September means that the kids aren't left to get bored and disinterested but instead are introduced to Year 1 material half a year early. Some kids use this as an extended adjustment period (so they move into the 1st year group come September) and some kids can jump straight into year 2.


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