Best way out of my WG rental contract.

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I'll keep it simple.


Signed for a 3-room flat with another girl with the intention of renting out the third room, which we did a few months later.


We paid the deposit of 3600 Euro between the two of us, and asked the guy in the third room to just pay 500 Euro, nobody had the intention of leaving any time soon.


I have found something else and look like I have a good chance of getting it, but need to find my way out of this contract first, and obviously find somebody willing to pay 1800 deposit for this room.


Is all made a bit trickier by the fact the guy who rented the spare room also saying he wants to leave.


Attached is what it says in my contract. We've only been here six months.


I guess it's simply that what I said right? Find somebody willing to pay my deposit and have them take over my part of the contract? Or another way would be to try and convince the girl who'd be the last one standing to try find something else herself, and then find a Nachmieter for the entire flat here, then we can all get out of the contract early.


Thanks for input.



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It looks as if you're bound by the contract for the first three years, unless you've got a reason for an "außerordentliche Kündigung". Presumably you'd need to talk to the landlord to see if he'd be willing to allow you you out before then and allow you to look for someone else to replace you, though he'd be under no obligation to accept that.


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