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31 minutes ago, Weevil said:

You can tell the poster above doesn't actually own any bitcoin and is kicking himself that he didn't get in at the beginning. :lol:

It's an ecological and criminal disaster. And useless. Time to kill it.

I don't regret anything, I invested in Tesla instead of this shit. I made 2000% in some Tesla purchases.


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16 hours ago, MikeMelga said:

Finally came. China complete ban on Crypto's. Posession, trading and mining.

I bet Europe will follow with a soft ban/curb within 2 years. Bitcoin will probably collapse before that.



China "finally" banned cryptos ... for the 7th time.  


China has "banend" cryptos in:


Dec 2013

Sep 2017

Feb 2018

Sep 2018

Nov 2019

May 2021

Sep 2021


This time is probably smokescreen because of Evergrande.


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Does someone mine crypto or has setup rigs to mine in at home? I am trying to explore in the area as I am pretty new and need some advice, if it is still worth to do looking at the rising electricity prices?

Also mining as a standalone user might not help and which pools are good to join.




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