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our family is moving this summer from NY to Bad Homburg.My daughter 11 is a passionate dance since she is 3 she is taking classes with her wonderful teacher. She also loves modern, jazz and hip hop. For the last years she danced at the American Ballet Theater in NYC for the summer. Does anyone knows a serious dance school in HG oder FFM? I don't want to see her stepping back and do "Kindertanzen" again.




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if she's done ABT's summer camp first check with Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium


Other schools/ teachers in Frankfurt are

Studio Balzer (formerly Luley) As far as I know they do Vaganova style and have a pre-professional programm for young dancers. You'll probably have to go there in person for info. At least for adults I had the experience that they don't give info by email and Frau Balzer is a bit particular since she doesn't reveal her class schedule but wants to place 'students' even if adults on her decision because she 'has too many classes to fit on a sheet of paper' (I have been in NYC to Steps, Ailey, Graham, Peridance and many other big studios and not used to such an attitude...) Russian school, also programm (Vorausbildung) to prepare to audition for a professional school same as above mainly ballet


for modern, hip-hop and jazz:

but these are for classes for teenagers and adults, check with the trainer or keep it as a future reference (fortlaufende Kurse = ongoing classes)


other schools you might want to check: different dance styles


Best check with the conservatory first and let her do try-out classes in a few schools to see if she feels ok there and can follow class. I doubt that you will find English-speaking dance classes for children in Frankfurt. There are dance schools in Bad Homburg but I don't know more about them than what you can find with google yourself.


Good luck!


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You have probably found a dancing school for your child by now. But on the professional level, I had so far not found Frankfurt to be the right place for professional ballet training. It tends to be more contemporary orientated and most teachers do not have stage experience.


I am a French expat and have now lived in Frankfurt for 10 years. As a former professionally trained ballet dancer, I wanted to retrain in Ballet adult class and could not find the right school for me.


However, I have just experienced - by chance - professional training with a teacher who has recently arrived in Frankfurt that I would like to recommend to you for anyone who is preparing themselves for international ballet competitions (e.g. Varna) or just wants to perform better in a more professional manner.


I would therefore like to recommend Ms Radostina Parvanova, a former solo dancer for American and Canadien ballet companies, including Cleveland Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Evansville Dance Theater, New English Contempory Ballet... She has also worked with the art directors from the Bolschoi Ballet and was also in Japan and the UK. She speaks both in English and German fluently.


If you are interested in private ballet coaching - she is now based in Frankfurt and her e-mail address is:

I am sure she will be able to help anyone to develop their talent and skills more efficiently and learn the tips and tricks of a professional ballet dancer who has performed in first class productions around the world.


Hope that this can be of help! :)



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New in DAS STUDIO, Ballettschule in Frankfurt schedule * Modern Dance with Natalia Rodina * Stay tuned!

2012-2015 Natalia Rodina was a dancer at the renowned Forsythe Company in Frankfurt am Main under the artistic direction of William Forsythe.



18:00-19:30 Modern Dance Kids from 11 Jahren
19:30-21:00 Modern Dance für Teens & Adults

Take a look on the updated schedule:  and arrange a trial class. (The trial class is free for kids & teens, 5€ for adults)

The ballet studio is situated in the centre of Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen) near Lokalbahnhof.

Offenbacher Landstr. 7-13, 60599 Frankfurt am Main (Sachsenhausen) Hinterhaus, 1 Obergeschoss

More information at the DAS Studio homepage.

Best regards, DAS Studio, Ballettschule in Frankfurt

Tel: 069 48986467




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