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Hi Everyone,


I got a lot of good advice from this community. I searched for information on relocation companies that can handle moving from India to Germany but couldn't find any details. I am looking for recommendations from people who have used the services of any companies that they found helpful.





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So, I am updating this because I expect someone might stumble on to this in the future. I keep doing that with a lot of topics.


After looking at various companies, we finally decided to go with UTS Group. Their partner company in Bangalore is BR Shastry. We sent two consignments one by sea and another by air.


Sea: This was a complete relocation package. Meaning at both ends, UTS group companies handle the shipment and it is door to door. 3rd floor apartment in Bangalore to 4th floor apartment in Bochum. It was handled perfectly and arrived in 6 weeks with no complications with customs.


Air: We wanted to send some items by Air because we needed them immediately. The India end was handled by BR Shastry and was sent on time. Unfortunately, they sent it through DHL as normal parcel. So, we ended up with a refrigerator, washing machine, TV and another package at the entrance of the apartment building in Germany. You can imagine the difficulty we had with getting the things up 4 stories. Luckily the DHL driver helped to move the items into the basement so it was not left on the street.


Bottom line: UTS in both India and Germany did a great job for the sea shipment. Air shipment was not end to end and I would not try that again unless the items are small enough to be handled by two people.


Plus points: We were leaving India and vacating the apartment. We had no apartment in Bochum. The agent at BR Shastry agreed to keep the boxes in their warehouse until we reach Germany and rent an apartment. Customs clearance in both countries was painless for the shipments; sea shipment handled by UTS and air shipment handled by DHL in Germany. We did not pay any customs duty as the items were brought as part of relocation for a job.


Please do not ask me about the cost as it is dependent on what you want, the size, mode etc.


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On 7/18/2017, 10:03:09, Uncle Nick said:

Never heard of google?

Hmm... That was what I also thought. Anyway, if it has not been found yet, it is UniGroup


The agent we used is no longer part of the group. They are now part of another network. In case anyone wants to reach them, their website is B. R. Shastry.


It's been four years since I last updated the post. I do not think I can provide any further information. So, like Uncle Nick said, use Google.


viel Glück!


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