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Heavy duty roasting pan

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I'm looking for a heavy duty roasting pan, such as this Mauviel 5217-40 5-ply pan. I ordered this pan from Amazon a while back, but it hasn't shipped yet and I haven't received any replies from the seller. I want to cancel this order and buy the pan, or one similar to it, so I will have it in time for Christmas. I'm looking for a multi-ply roasting pan rated at least for 500° F (260° C).


I've been in the big stores in Darmstadt, but can't find anything similar to this. Everything I looked at was single-ply stainless steel or unspecified construction with a non-stick surface. I bought a Calphalon roasting pan a year ago, but it was a big disappointment and not what I expected with the Calphalon line (I have several Calphalon pots and pans). It was apparently an import, was not triple ply construction, and warped significantly when put on the range top for making gravy and browning the meat.


Short of driving to France, although not out of the question, are there any stores in Hessen or BW that carry heavy duty cooking equipment and supplies and sell to the general public?


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