Making Thanksgiving Dinner

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I'm not a green bean casserole fan, but a couple of years ago I had one that was delicious. I found out later tht the secret ingredient was Velveeta processed cheese, which isn't even food!

In my family Thanksgiving is a movable feast. My father was born on Thanksgiving and my brother was born the day between Thanksgiving and my father's birthday. Since so many people work odd hours, The Fuenflings and I are driving up to the Sacramento area on Saturday, where we'll feast with Frau Daughter #1's family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, no matter when you celebrate.


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Rewe also has some American foods. There is also a place in Oberasbach called PC Icebox.


I use powder soup packages for these type of recipes.


Cranberries can be found in jars. Preiselbeeran is the German word.

Cornbread, I have not been able to find a scratch recipe that is worth the trouble. Jiffy is one of the things I import.


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I ended up getting everything from Zara Markt and the Karstadt.


OMG I love the Karstadt! I wish I had found it sooner!


I found cranberries there.

Found regular mushroom soup and used that + cream.


Brined the turkey, it was great.


Made my own stuffing from bread from a Backerei.


Gave up on cornbread.

Ran out of time to do anything with a pumpkin.

Will attempt later.


Thanks guys! It was great. Just me, my husband, and one other expat, but the food was as good as I could have ever expected.


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