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Hey all!


I couldn't find a topic particular to my question, so apologies for starting a new thread. I realise there's been advice given on cost effective methods of shipping items from US to Germany, but not really from China to Germany. China's not exactly on Germany's favourites list, but all of my stock for my small business is produced there and I need some tips on how to get my goods here without having to pay an arm and a leg for shipping and having to up the sale price of my items.


My question is, is there anyone that offers rental space in their freight containers coming from China? A friend of mine in Australia does this, which is why I mention it. If not, are there any other options I'm overlooking?


Thanks, appreciate any help on this :)




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You can advice the freight forwarder,it the past i was thinking to export the goods from Germany to Thailand.the freight forwarder can tell you how much do you have to pay for the tax included shipping cost.

good luck



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Hi All,


I would also like to get some information about importing stuff from china or other asian countries.Last week i ordered 5 girl dresses from hong kong.The stuff was of value 60$ and i paid 34$ for shipping with DHL.But the postman charged extra 26 euros at the time of delivery.

Is it the import duty or any kind of taxation? Last year i ordered something from china and didnt have to pay any extra cost.So difficult to understand.

It would be great if somebody can tell me the legal procedure to get things.


Thanks in Advance :)


Have a nice day!


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you can send LCL(less than container load) but the handling cost is high in Germany

Example for 2.15 cbm



HANDLING 50,00 50,00 *

TERMINAL CHARGES 59,74 59,74 *

LCL-CHARGES 51,00 51,00 *


GSC CHARGES 21,44 21,44 *




with tax 543Euros of course any tarrifs or Vat on top

Broker fees are around 85 Euros and any courier fees for documents

watch out also for extra fees. Waiting time at customs 85 Euros for example by the time you get too 12CBM your better bringing in a full container as the fees are around the same.

The actual boat part is around $50 per CBM its the fees that cost so much.


I use this company in China for the China side of things.

Jill is really good and sorts out all my paper work problems that the suppliers get wrong without drama.



Shes used to shipping to Hamburg LCL or Roterdam FCL for me now.


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