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1 hour ago, Kimla said:

Then his military licence he can't get converted to German - more time waiting on government offices!

i personally think when you retire from the military (DODDS) after 50 odd years someone should help these retirees because its like dumping them like a hot brick. And they are at a loss from losing AFN to God knows what else! 

if my mum after 50 yrs teaching could get onto Ramstein, she would sort this in a flash.  she is ringing & writing letters as she does! it is all a complete mess. i think because my dad is in his 70s he's given up on all this US Military civilian BS redtape.


I realize my contribution to this thread won't help with your Dad's Internet problems, and will likely be an unpopular post, but I am curious why you think the U.S. Government owes your Dad anything besides a pension.  When he decided to retire from DoDDS, which is substantially different from retiring from active duty, he alone became responsible for his post retirement support and planning, regardless of where he chooses to live.  Proper retirement planning starts at least a year prior to the retirement date to ensure the post retirement conditions are set for success.  This includes the German driver's license and realization that support from military installations will end.


I am not being critical of you, and certainly applaud your willingness to help your Dad, but I think he missed the boat on this if I understand your posts in this thread.  Unfortunately, there is no program for non-military U.S. personnel to prepare themselves for retirement.  Perhaps there should be, but since there are too many variables in individual circumstances, it will be difficult to develop a one-size-fits-all retirement planning program.  The tax planning alone is complex and becomes more difficult when factoring in TSP, SSA, personal investments, and other sources of world-wide income.


I retired last year as a Department of the Army civilian and remained in Germany.  I understood from the start of my retirement planning that I would not receive any benefits or privileges from the U.S. military once I debriefed, turned in my badges, and surrendered my CAC on my last day of employment.  Therefore, anything I needed from the Garrison had to be completed prior to my last day.  I also discovered that the body of knowledge on the Internet for those in a similar situation as mine was filled with information that was irrelevant, outdated, or simply wrong.


My planning started just over a year from my planned retirement date once.  I flew back to the States, sold my house in northern Virginia, and changed my legal residence to South Dakota.  I chose South Dakota because it was one of the four states that did not have a state income tax, had full reciprocity with Germany for the driver's license, and had the easiest residency requirement (a SD mailing address and a receipt for at least one night from a hotel, campground, or RV park).  The other states, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming, required utility bills, a lease, or mortgage and at least 30 days of physical presence to establish residency. 


A few months prior to my retirement date I registered as a resident with my city (hello TV tax) and then sorted out my German driver's license.  My USAREUR license was not sufficient on its own for the German license, but I did go to the Vehicle Registration Office in Sembach and obtained a legal translation of my USAREUR license.  This helped add the larger truck and trailer options to my German driver's license.


If your Dad was a GS employee, he might be entitled to a DoD Civilian retirement ID card that will be issued by the nearest ID Card Office.  This card looks similar to a CAC, but does not have the chip or authorize any logistical support from the Garrison, AAFES, MWR, or the Commissary.  However, depending on the Garrison where he lives, it can be used as an installation access pass for one military community and his wife will be authorized access as well.  Even though the regulation authorizes access, it is at the discretion of the Garrison Commander to approve the access.  Some Garrison Commanders authorize access, others do not; however, he is entitled to the retiree ID card.


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