250 kg bomb found under Schwabinger 7

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I just watched a video of the whole business and couldn't believe people were whooping and cheering. Wouldn't they love sweeping and scrubbing their flat for ages. Honestly. Morons.


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Well it hasn't even been a week, and we've already got our very own here in Hamburg - actually, not just one but two.




"Die Feuerwehr hat auf dem Heiligengeistfeld im Hamburger Stadtteil St. Pauli zwei Blindgänger entdeckt. Die 500- und 1.000-Pfund-Bomben liegen nach Angaben der Feuerwehr in der Mitte des Geländes, auf dem vor Kurzem noch der Hamburger Dom stattgefunden hat."


You'll have to read the rest via the link, otherwise I'll get into trouble again for violating copyright...


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