Reply to Refusing to accept a registered letter

By PandaMunich,
...and that witness also has to certify that he read that letter and that exactly that letter was dropped into the letterbox.   Anyway, as pointed out before, an Einschreiben isn't the best way for the landlord to send you a letter, since you can always claim that the envelope just contained a blank piece of paper.   To be sure, the landlord just has to:   print and sign two originals of that letter,
give them to the third person, called a Bote=messenger since he delivers the letter, and
let the Bote read both originals, and
let the Bote drop one of the originals in your letterbox.
The messenger then certifies on the other copy that he dropped a letter with exactly that content on the date ..., at the time .... into your letterbox:

Hiermit bestätige ich, dass ich das Original dieses Schriftstücks
durchgelesen und am:

Datum: ......

um: ......
in den Briefkasten von Hr. und Fr. half-japanese, Wohnung ??, Musterstr. 8, 10000 Musterstadt, eingeworfen habe.

(Unterschrift von Johann Messenger)
    This delivery by Bote (who has read the letter!) will hold up in any court. Only amateurs send Einschreiben.
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