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Provoked by gnome’s evil eye

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A 72-year-old pensioner (let’s call him Gustav) true to his vow to honor, cherish and protect his wife, removed the source of her anguish and is now facing a criminal charge of destruction of property. It seems that Gustav’s neighbor, Heinz (as good a name as any) had decorated an electric junction box standing in his garden with a pottery gnome. Not a Marxist, rude or murdered gnome with a knife in his back, just a jolly little fellow with a twinkle in his eye.


Said twinkle, however, upset Mrs. Gustav to a point where she felt provoked by its constant stare. So, after three years of mental torture, Gustav reached over the fence and bodily knocked down the gnome, smashing it into several pieces.


Heinz may or may not have listened to Gustav’s wholehearted/cursory/insincere apology; what he did do, however, is call the police and report him for destruction of property.


This is, of course, just another link to the long chain of neighborly spats and arguments that has been growing for years between Gustav and Heinz, and Heinz and Gustav, for that matter.


Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung Monday 13 June 2012, page 37


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