Hiking in the Bavarian Alps · Next one: Fockenstein (1564m, 17km, 1100hm) on Sunday 29.Apr.2018

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Group photo at the top of Wank mountain with one of one of the best mountain panoramas in Germany.




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Dear fellow hikers, winter still has the Alps in its firm grip. Nevertheless it doesn't hurt to start thinking about the upcoming hiking season. There will be three overnight hikes in 2018. Details and a sign-up sheet will be posted about two months before the tour, but you might want to block the dates in your calendar now:


July 2018 - Edmund-Probst-Haus

Friday 27/07/2018 to Saturday 28/07/2018

Day 1 = Oberstdorf to Edmund-Probst-Haus, 1200hm easy

Day 2 = Nebelhorn and back to Oberstdorf, 900hm medium


August 2018 - Blaueishütte

Saturday 11/08/2018 to Sunday 12/08/2018

Day 1 = From Hintersee to Blaueishütte, 900hm easy (optional peak: Schärtenspitze)

Day 2 = From Blaueishütte to Hintersee via Hochkalter and Ofental, 1000hm difficult


September 2018 - Knorrhütte

Saturday 22/09/2018 to Sunday 23/09/2018

Day 1 = Ehrwald to Knorrhütte, 1400hm medium

Day 2 = Knorrhütte to Zugspitze, 900hm difficult


The regular day hikes on Sundays will resume at the end of April 2018.




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Thank you for joining today's hike up Herzogstand.

It was a bit colder than expected and there is still plenty of snow over 1500m.

But that didn't stop us. ;-)





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On Sunday we'll follow Maximiliansweg from Lenggries to Bad Wiessee. This is a medium hike with two peaks and 1100hm of elevation gain.

Lenggries - Geierstein (1491m) - Fockenstein (1564m) - Aueralm (1299m) - Bad Wiessee. Walking time = ~7h, distance = 17 km, elevation gain = 1100 hm.

We'll stop at Aueralm for lunch. Nevertheless bring plenty of snacks and water along. Depending on the weather we’ll either take a bus or a boat to Tegernsee once we arrive in Bad Wiessee. Ferry tickets are €5.20 per person.

Munich Hauptbahnhof, in front of platform 33, at 07.45am on Sunday 29. April 2018. The price of the train ticket will be split evenly between the group.

Return to Munich
~ 7pm-ish




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