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I have a 2 & 5 year old, and I'm always looking for ideas for places to go and things to do in Nuremberg that are fun for kids and parents alaike. Would love to hear other parents top tips.


Yesterday we went to the Erfahrungsfeld der Sinne (sensory park) near the Worde Wiesse U-bahn station. Bit pricy, but very large and interesting and lots for the kids to do and see. My 5 year old loved mashing the wheat grains to powder and baking fresh bread. There are puppet shows and lots of hands on science stuff. Recommend highly. Best of all the parents aren't bored.


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Erfahrungsfeld Friday afternoons from 1pm is best time to go as it is substantially cheaper for families


Germanisches Nationalmuseum (white one) do kids painting - Sunday mornings 10.45 -12 (2 euros) (you drop the 5 year old off, they put on an old shirt and splash paint about. You collect the paintings Tuesday or forget to accidentally on purpose


Also Wed evenings you can look around the museum for free


Turm der Sinne - okay for a one off visit. Pretty narrow.


Other museums - Spielzeug/Kindermuseum/Neue etc also pricey. Worth doing at Easter but not regularly until your eldest gets a blue 5 euro card from school which makes it a bit cheaper.


Mini-golf: either at Volkspark Marienberg (Kilianstrasse) or am Schiesshaus Erlenstegen (sand dunes also in Erlenstegen) or next to Playmobilland


Fun park Playmobil doable via transport from Nürnberg but tricky with two kids


Tucherland - from June are doing some kind of Wednesday mornings for Krabbelkinder but yours are older now so the reduction for small ones may not be worth it (they are letting the castles deflate and creating a big open space for toddlers)


Fun-city ballpool My link stone's throw from Operhaus. Reduced prices from 5.30 but shuts at 7 so still a bit pricey for 90 mins


Cinecitta Mon and Tuesday cheaper Kino days/also do in English originals


Thalia bookshop - first floor - slide and tunnel for little ones (only other Spielecke i know of is Cafe bar Celona insel schütt side)


Lochgefängnisse (town hall dungeons) Castle suitable for one-offs


Sangam indian and chinese restaurant near Operhaus/fun city have big fish tanks to watch while you eat


Parks - sure you know them all now - Piratenspielplatz/inselschütt strand/Stadtpark/Volkspark/rosenau/klemmer/WWiese

The kids park at Norikerstrasse is nice now - the pedalos are out and there's a beach thing there too


Pedalos at Wöhrder and at Dutzenteich though rowing at the latter easier with 2 kids. Need a boat for 4 and a second adult though.


The zoo obviously and there is also the forest walk near it. Cheaper as an Einzelfamilie or one Monday in the month or a twilight ticket if going just with the youngest


If you can be arsed to travel then botanical gardens at Erlangen quite nice. But you did say Nuremberg so am avoiding mention of Hundeshaupten or Freizeitparks etc


Swimming at Nordostbahnhof has a water chute thing too. And often trampolining set up on other side of road. Other pools for me personally eg Südbad a bit cold. Fürthermare doable by U1 and they do the youngest for 3 euro pauschal and family tickets/hitzefrei tickets best offers as an occasional treat. Better value than one in Stein but that one has wave machine.


Faber-castell pencil museum thing in Stein

terranium aquarium dingbums in Stein - will link later

Feuerwehrmuseum was cool - but need to check whether it is still once a month or not. We went on Museumstag.


Planetarium is cool and do some kids' shows. The observatory okay for oldest.


Getting a copy of Frankenkids free magazine available all over in Nürnberg - in toyshops Idee etc is the BEST recommendation i have for you it will tell you the free events eg Bio-markt with free kids baking, bungee etc in July free basteln in Idee or Staedtler etc as well as details of things further out eg. Schwabacher Marionnettenpuppentheater


Jakobsplatz often have music fests coming up - croatian, rumanian etc Marktkauf have done fests there too and the Kids days in Sept are held there. There was an african gospel concert Sat we went to - was nice. Was a free jazz/blues concert in Fürth yesterday (with a carousel, swings the kids went on) but depends whether your kids would humour their mum like mine do!! ;)


second recomm. is Jugendamt mach mit site they have details of any events e.g. the midsummer night dream free event for kids each July. They also tell you all the workshops available in the holidays.


Kuf magazine from the BZ will let you know what events, markets, workshops etc that Südpunkt and Villa Leon amongst others do (eg tomorrow afternoon is an open workshop at the latter with clay I think but there are also parent with kid ones) The Südstadt fest in July is always good and free!


easy entry My link do a newsletter with regional events.


Hope all this helps you. Tis difficult if on a budget, true, but there is also a lot of free stuff out there all considered eg Marche at airport doing a kids fun day in June and of course going out to ramble in Erlenstegen or walk at Fürther park (rubber duck race for charity happening there soon) etc <guilt at national trust nature list of things should have done by 12 i haven't done yet cos Nature.Hates.Me)


However today my children are doing a jigsaw (okay the older one is doing the puzzle, the youngest is eating the pieces and/or hiding them in her nappy ;) ) and dancing whilst I laze about eating toast.


Take care xxxx


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Sorry...quick update to the above


Villa Leon do the open workshops in Kinderatelier (clay) term time only *not tomorrow* so next one is 3pm 12.6

(cost 1 euro)


The next Eltern-kind one is 29.6 2pm also 1 euro. Not always clay.


Villa Leon is the building at Rothenburgerstr on U2 not far from Kachelbau/Mummpitz (on that note Theater Mummpitz do some kids' things eg Bär namens Sonntag a couple of years ago excellent...but with the older not younger kids - like Kröwis Puppenbühne Theater Pfütze Salz und Pfeffer etc the littlest ones won't manage in my exp anyway.


Rain stopped pedalo play for me this afternoon but the cinema allows babies in for free so managed half of Hanni and Nanni 2 (dire film) before youngest woke/got bored and so went to beach with me whilst eldest watched rest of movie.

Have only got through one film with baby in tow but did start successfully with eldest when she was about 2 1/2. Otherwise you need to juggle/second adult req for your 5 yr old Gemini. But tis nonetheless nice that they allow babies in for free even if it only really works if noone else wants to see that film (You often have cinema to yourself when film is reaching its 8th week or at obscure times)


The easy entry website newsletter I mentioned above seems to have stopped Jan 2012 but the previous year's might give you other ideas as might Famos or Monatspiegel sites.


The Kulturladen sadly seem to offer things for 6+ (eg Vischers tomorrow are doing calligraphy but is for older children I'm afraid).


Ice skating at arena is a possibility but avoid the family disco, tis anything but (think drunk teens speed skating)


Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg do kids' events sometimes - tend to be Fri afternoons - and advertised on 1st floor. Their Zeitungscafe is nice to go with kids - kids get a drink for only 80 cents there (water, apple juice, apple schorle or fanta) and you can sit outside.

Südpunkt did a Bilderkino also Fri afternoons - basically a story told with pics projected on a screen.

Round the corner from Südpunkt is an interesting park - will link later.


Bildungszentrum and Südpunkt both did offer free Betreuung with certain courses. There are also Mutter-Kind groups (often full/age restricted) yoga, dance, music etc as well as kids' courses/tasters but you would need brochure for details of spare places, age restrictions etc Likewise for swimming courses eg Delphin schwimmschule.


Finally I have seen science forschung type groups advertised and they also operate at Tucherland. Stagecoach do kids singing etc at a price. There are also kids' dance schools around which also do offene Tür type events eg disney princess day. Music classes, swimming classes, self defence, Pfadfinder, also seen advertised. The difficulty as with most things will be age restrictions/balancing both kids/outlay and commute.


tucherland run 4 full themed summer weeks for older kids but 159 euros p.w.


Also see 'storytelling' in German advertised a lot - Märchen usw

Tucherschloss is worth a one off visit - also there is a little park nearby but the Grenzenlos event won't be held there this year - it will be held at Hans Sachs Platz instead. My link


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The link is to Pfingsten mach mit programm as I am currently on it: most things are 6+ but there are a few below this age and is worth a look. Although be warned some things are cancelled due to lack of take up so my kid is now making jewellery as opposed to chinese calligraphy. But I do give the Jugendamt credit - they do organise huge programs for the school holidays.


Klemmer park next week has 40 medieval stations for 6+ if your 5 year old looks older ;) and there is a cafe for parents and your youngest can go on the swings?


My link


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Thanks PC...I think my summer is set! That was a VERY comprehensive list.


May I add West Bad was great for the kiddos. 3 pools.


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I've started a FB page for a primarily English speaking toddler playgroup. Please feel free to join!


We've just arrived, and don't know where any playgounds are...we live by the zoo. Any help??




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