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POKER, MoFos! Wanna ante up?

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Hey TTers,

I was wanting to host a poker game at my house tomorrow (21.10.11) or Saturday (22.10.11). We normally have 6-10 people show up, but several backed out this week and I was just wondering if anyone else is interested in joining. It's not about the money (10 Euro buy-in, with 1-2 optional re-buys depending on time), but more about hanging out and chilling with some cool "Auslanders" that speak English (among other languages). Please PM me immediately if interested, as I'd prefer tomorrow/Friday (due to 3 others confirmed), but I'm open for Saturday (only 2 others confirmed) as well. I live in St. Pauli and we typically (but not always) head out for a few drinks on the Reeperbahn afterwards ... On the winner! But, if you're confident and don't want to spread the wealth, that's cool too. ;-)


I do this every couple of weeks, so even if this week is not good for you but another week is, let me know and I'll try to put something together then.


- Mike


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