Registering birth of baby born to Canadian citizens in Germany

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6 hours ago, Santitas said:

Wow, incredible! That’s how long I thought it would take with the US embassy, but we got an appointment to come in within a few weeks and got her passport and certificate of citizenship a few weeks later (this was in January 2021). I would’ve expected Canada to be even faster 🤨


Tell me about it! 😔 Canada sends all applications to one single processing centre. Just before that, when I actually applied, it said 6-8 months. Now they don't even give an estimate in numbers. They had a message a while back that they were prioritizing those needing to get back to Canada urgently, on account of corona. I fear that's become a blanket excuse for inaction...


Either way, I would not have expected a 14-month delay with zero personal confirmation/information. What's especially annoying is that there is NO WAY, NONE, ZERO to find out what is happening. Normally, once they start to process your application, they enter it into the system and you get a receipt number. You can enter this in their online status-check system. It may all still take several months, but you at least get a receipt. I haven't even got that. 


Want to contact someone to ask? NOPE, F U. The embassy here politely shrugged and said it's out of their hands, they sent it on and don't know anymore. The processing centre and government body in Canada itself is purposely devoid of contact info, which I can understand or they'd be inundated with daily petitions. I read reports online that even if you manage to get a local number for the processing centre and call it, if they actually bother to talk to you, and if they then find you're calling from overseas, they'll hang up on you. Orders. I mean I get it, but still I find it absurd that there has not been a single word since I sent it over a year ago. My application is pretty straightforward. Even if they confirmed receipt and said it would take 12 months I'd be half as annoyed.


#FirstWorldProblems but it still so friggin' exasperating.


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