English-speaking Driving Instructors in Sachsen

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Hello readers,

I currently live in Plauen im Vogtland, yes, middle of nowhere, and I need to get a German driving licence.

I do not hold much hope that there will be an english-speaking instructor here but has anyone found one in Zwickau, or perhaps Dresden? The closest I have found is in Nurnberg.


After driving here for 6 months and then applying for a conversion I discovered, to my horror and contrary to information I received before I moved here, that holders of an Australian Provisional licence cannot simply convert the licence.


I am hopeful that I can do a condensed course, or in the best-case scenario just the theory test, but I am not getting my hopes too high.

From the info I have gathered it seems I need to do the First Aid course in Munich, have my eyes tested, register with a driving school and do the practical course, and sit a theory test at the TuV. Is this about right?


I would greatly appreciate any driving school recommendations or advice regarding this dilemma.

Until I have a valid Führerschein it will be difficult to get to work, so I need to resolve this quickly.


Cheers in advance. :unsure:


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I am surprised to see myself in the same situation. I hope someone from Dresden can address this query even though after so many years have passed the situation is still the same.


Best Regards,


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