Older IT Workers in Germany

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20 hours ago, slammer said:


But by far my greatest fear is that I will wither as a Rentner, without a purpose, without work, without the money to be doing the things I love, what is there?


Maybe try to make a deal with your boss to say work 20 hours a week on a reduced salary, then you got more time to develop things outside of work. If you can afford it of course. I would like to do that, but my boss flatly refused.


Suppose I could stop work at 60 ( in 6 or 7 months time ) and take my company pension without loss of benefits but have the same fears of being board most of the day, so may stay on for a bit longer.... I have worked a long time in Germany, but was a sub contractor for part of it, which I did not pay into the state pension scheme. I did plan to stop work at 60 but only take the state pension at 67, so I would not take the 10 % it.


 HH_Sailor, seems to have an excellent part time job or sailing for money, which must keep the board om away


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