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I have a couple of basic questions about tax deductibles for self employed people, as my circumstances have changed in the last year. I married in 2018, my wife is non-EU and we are tax class 3 (me) & 5( my wife). I have private health ins and we had to get the same for my wife.

My questions are

1) As sole earner in our household and therefore versicherungsnehmer of my wife´s private health ins, can I claim it as a deductible income tax expense as well as my own? Can I also claim the €480 that each separate ins must pay before receiving coverage from The Ins company for treatment/bills etc?

2) I rent a garage on the same property that came as part of our rental contract (garage at €80 per month) I use it to store my work equipment. Can I claim this therefore as a legitimate business storage cost or if not as my office?

Pretty basic stuff but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Hi! Can I claim a donation to a foreign charity as a deductible e.g.



The Intercept is published by First Look Media Works, which is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization (tax ID number 80-0951255).

Please note:

  • Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by governing laws.
  • Donors within the United States of America should check with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication 526 and publication 1771 and/or their tax adviser for further details.
  • Donors outside of the United States of America should review local laws and regulations for details.


thank you!


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