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Cheap fabric store for sewing projects

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oh, i have bought lots of fabrics at casa dei tessuti, she has a little store off of kurfuerstenplatz in schwabing, i think the address is bauerstrasse 1. she also offers sewing courses during the week and on the weekend...


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I know that one. Have you done any of their courses? If so how were they?

The fabrics that they have in the window look good but fairly pricy, is that typical of everything in there?


Re. online shops, I think there was another thread about this somewhere too but stoffkontor and alfatex were also mentioned. I'm heading out now but I'll link them later.


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I am looking for some braiding to trim a jacket with. There used to be a Ludwig Beck haberdashery store near the main store in Marienplatz, but it seems to have disappeared. I tried the haberdashery department in Karstadt but didn't find what I wanted. Can anyone suggest a good haberdashery store in the centre of Munich?




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Buttons, embroidery materials and yarn are still available at Beck's store Geknöpft & Zugenäht at Burgstrasse 7/corner of Alter Hof.


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The Beck haberdashery store is still there.

It's on the ground floor of the building these neurologists have their practice in:


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I found below information  from searching internet


  Where to buy fabric in Munich?



When someone crazy about sewing arrives in a city always wants to know where to buy fabrics, buttons, thread, wool … and everything they might need for sewing.

It was my case when I moved to Munich, after three years here, I have visited some nice stores and I would like to share with you this info.

I suggest you to verify the opening days and hours before visiting any of them.

If you know any other that it has not been mentioned here, please share with us.

Seasonal – Stoffmarkt Holland

Kiosks featuring anything and everything from 2 EUR/m to 50+ EUR/m.

Notions, buttons, yarn, zippers, sewing patterns, – women’s and children’s fabrics.

Curtains, home textiles, decorative, quilt and patchwork fabrics.

It comes twice a year, spring and autumn, look at the web page for the next appointment


They are specialized in everything related to sewing, here you can find among other things: fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers, ribbons, laces, ton of notions, etc.etc …

Oberanger 9, 80331 München

Karstadt (Hbf)

Some sewing machines, lots of random fabric, patterns, tracing wax paper, notions, scissors, buttons, wool tools and accessories.

They also have a small selection of fabrics for Bavarian traditional clothes.

Bahnhofplatz 7, 80335 München

Telefon: (089) 5 51 20


Lots of random fabric, high quality fabrics, notions, scissors, buttons, wool tools and accessories.

Neuhauser Straße 18, 80331 München

Telefon: 089 290230


Yarn, notions, bag handles, some zippers, buttons, excellent for ribbon & embroidery floss, wool, knitting needles, magazines, etc.

Burgstraße 7, 80331 München

Trachten-Pöllmann GmbH

This is a very nice and traditional store, they make tailored made Dirndls, also have a nice selection of fabrics for traditional Bavarian clothes.

Cotton fabrics, silk, lining, half silk, damassé, velvets, wool fabrics

Haberdashery (Laces, border, ribbon & sewing accessories, buttons)

An der Würm 28, 81247 München

Tel: 089-811 53 55


Mainly home textiles and decorative fabrics of a very high quality, they also have a small selection of fabrics for Bavarian traditional clothes.

Hackenstrasse 7, 80331 München

Nähzentrum München

Sew machines, Pfaff and Bernina, overlock machine, some fabric (quilting cotton), notions, thread und accessories.

Maintenance and repair of sewing machines

Färbergraben 4 , 80331 München

DoNaCo Stoff-Paradies

a fair selection of fabrics some of them at good prices.

The store is at the corner of Schwanthalerstr. with Hermann-Lingg-Str.

Schwanthalerstr. 93, 80336 München

Hermann-Lingg-Straße 16, 80336 München

Nähzentrum Rosenberger

Used and new sew machines, overlock machine, thread, seam tape, some zippers.

Maintenance and repair of sewing machines

Theresienstraße 124, 80333 München

Nähmaschinenzentrum München

Sewing & Embroidery Machines, Overlock, Fabric, sewing cabinet,

Yarn / fabric, zippers, notions, Sewing boxes, wool, Accessories / Spare Parts

Feldbergstrasse 6, 81825 München – Trudering

Telefon: 089/ 63 77 444 oder 089/ 63 79 9808


Fabrics, threads, buttons, laces, notions, etc.

Schwanthalerstraße 168, 80339 München

Telefon: (089) 37 96 25 05

Quilt et Textilkuns 

Cotton fabric (quilting-weight), also batting, notions, kits, dye
Sebastiansplatz 4, 80331 München

Stoff Atelier München

Fabrics for curtains and furnishing, they also offer a curtain making services.

Tegernseer Landstraße 23, 81541 München


Lots of variety, cottons are really high-quality, somewhat cluttered, lots of notions, batting, interfacing, etc.

Tegernseer Landstr. 11, 81541 München

Telefon: (089) 6928324

Der Kleine Schneiderladen

Fabric store, sewing lessons, some notions.

Pariser Straße 1, 81669 München

La Maison Francaise Stoffe

Home-decor, upholstery fabric
Sebastiansplatz 10, 80331 München

Tel.: 0049 (0)89 2604242

Les Tissus Colbert a French shop in München

Home textiles and decorative fabrics

Blumenstraße 21 . 80331 München

Stoff & Co

Fabric, patterns, ribbon, sewing courses

Augustenstrasse 76, 80333 in München

Tracht und Heimat

Dirndl fabric

Oberanger 9, 80331 München

Tel +49 89 2604321

Tante Berta


Lindwurmstraße 195, 80337 München

Naehmaschinen Mehringer

Sewing machine, repair and maintenance.

Yarn, scissors, zippers and fabrics

Sudetenlandstr.32, 85221 Dachau


Fabric and sewing courses

Edisonstraße 11, 85716 Unterschleißheim (aprox. 20 km from Obermenzing)

Stoffe Egert

All type of fabrics and a great selection of Dirndl fabrics, notions, garn, etc.

Augsburger Straße 1, 82258 Fürstenfeldbruck (25 km from Obermenzing)

Uschi Disl Trachtenstoffe

Dirndl fabrics

Großeglsee 9, 83623 Dietramszell (aprox. 50 km from Obermenzing)

Berwin & Wolff

Dirndl fabrics

Anzinger Str. 8, 85560 Ebersberg (56 km from Obermenzing)

Telefon 08092/82430


Dirndl fabrics

Berg 5, 83556 Griesstätt (80 km from Obermenzing)


Dirndl fabrics

Ludwigsplatz 25, 83022 Rosenheim (aprox. 100 km from Obermenzing)

Chiemgauer Heimatwerk 

Dirndl Fabric, traditional Bavarian clothes sewing course

Mitterweg 6, 83233 Bernau am Chiemsee (120 km from Obermenzing)


Dirndl fabrics

Goethestr. 15, D – 83209 Prien (125 km from Obermenzing)

Segmuller and Ikea 

Both have an interesting selection of home textiles and decorative fabrics


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above information's website,that  the people teach sewing course in munch.

Well I am thinking self-learning, 


 I had little learning experience in London, such as  Saint Martins Pattern cutting  summer school course. 


Now I want to lean more and make clothes now , such as children's trousers. Lots of your tube video I watched. 


Are anybod have good  idea for self learning?    


I practice with sewing machine every day at home. 


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Learning to sew:


Take a VHS (communitiy college)  course?   i did this a few times to help "unlock"  the cryptic German instuctions in the Burda magazines. Quite fun and inexpensive.


If you are a "look at pictures" and reread kind of person, I would recommend buying something like this (Used  offerred for 5€) 

The fashions featured aren't  up to date, but the methods  don't change.


Keep an eye on Ebay Kleinanzeigen: for  cloth offered for reasonable prices by sewers  downsizing.  But be discriminating! You may not want 10 meters of  gymnastic leotard fabric unless you have a gymnast or 40 meters of drapery fabric unless said child, later  poor student moves into an apartment with many  large bare windows...


If you want to sew stretch fabrics,  get some instruction/ or watch videos  first as there are a few tricks  that will make the whole project fun instead of  a hair-pulling-out experience.


Wash cloth first then sew: it might shrink or turn out so wrinkled you'll be glad you didn't waste time sewing it.  If you are in a shop  check  before you buy: carefully  bunch a corner into your fist for a moment then  see what it looks like.


Poor thread can make life wretched.


A  good stitch ripper is  wonderful.


Good luck!








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I like to do a little patchwork and quilting so I just buy used cotton or linen clothes or sheets at the Diakonie second hand near me as my fabric source. There must be such a charity store in Munich too.

Wash the clothes, cut them along the seams, iron them flat and you can usually find the warp/weft to cut your pieces so they don't stretch funny. :) 

You accomplish several things at once by buying your fabric this way:

recycling clothes

saving yourself money (a blouse or a pair of pants are maybe only 1-2 Euros but big sizes/patterened sheets have a lot of fabric in them) 

finding, at times, unique and one of a kind designs and colors

feeling good you could take something appart and create something entirely new all on your own, a nice accomplishment!

used cotton/linen clothes can be very soft, so nice for making pillow covers, baby quilts, dolls, etc. 

if you like an 'old fashioned' look, then even a bit faded clothes can also work well for your projects




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