Cultural differences between Germany and UK

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Made this ages ago, when someone was asking me about what living in Germany is like.



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In defence of a few German nationals, I have found some do have manners.

Last Sunday we invited a local family over for lunch. they brought their slippers with them and presented me with a few home made gifts, which I really appreciated and found very thoughtful.

I was offered help in the kitchen at the beginning and end of our meal and the children ate what was presented without question, even though I had chicken nuggets waiting in the wings in the event that they didn't like my stir fry.

The children were not allowed to wander around our home or touch things, which British children frequently do nowadays and asked permission to go to the bathroom, even though a grand tour had been made at the onset and they were familiar with it's location.

The parents accepted a few drinks but were politely refusing more and even mentioned that this would be costly for us to entertain an additional family of four.

I was brought up in a similar fashion but sadly notice the demise of such values even within my own family(Grandson, wee shite touches everything eats nothing!!).

Not all things are bad in Germany, and if a few more of us regarded our families as the Germans do, with a little more respect, then the world would be a nicer place.

When was the last time you phoned home and spoke to your mum? If more than a week, do it now!!

Yes, I to moan about the lack of customer service and rudeness but I can also see the positive picture as well. We should learn from each other.


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- People going through doors, then letting the door swing and hit the next person in the face
Most doors I push on have a tough closer on it. Gotta use your shoulder and push anyway.


- Blatanly cutting in front of a line. Even though it is very apparent the other people are also waiting in line

I step right back in front of them and use my shoulder to let them know I was indeed there.


- Walking into people on the streets (because the person expected the other person to fully get out of the way), and not even acknowledging it with an apology or "excuse me"
I see them coming and usually brace myself and give them a hard shoulder.


- People at the door of a train, who are not trying to get off, don't move when someon tries to get by them to get on the train.

Just lower your shoulder and help them off the train.


- People trying to get on the train who do not let the others off first.
Again, shoulders to their teeth often show suprising results.


- Standing on the left side of the escalator and not attempting to move. Even though it is blatantly apparent people are trying to get by.

Um, just put a hand on their shoulder and say "Move it, or I'll give you a shoulder!"


- Waiters and Waitresses. Self explanatory.

A cold shoulder doesn't work so try a chip on your shoulder. Or just pick an above scenario and apply it with your shoulder.


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After living five years in Germany, I spent a week in London at a family B&B.  I was shocked and almost affronted when the man of the house introduced me to his wife, using just my first name!  What impudence!

I'd become used to German reserve without realizing it.


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