Black Woman Needs a Hair Stylist

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Hey women of colour and any other woman with hair needs :)), I'm based in Hamburg and do mainly hair extensions, weave on, tape on, micro/nano rings, braids, cornrows etc, on all hair types.  I also work on a mobile basis and could travel to other cities if convenient for me.  My number if you need to contact me is 44 7757441937.  As you will notice, this is a uk mobile as I just moved to Hamburg, you can text me and I'll message or call you back.  Catherine, xx


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"women of colour"

Just had to laugh, sorry!

I heard a black comedian once who spoke about 'color'. I think it was in America.

He was speaking to an audience of white people.

'When you're born you're pink. When you're ill, you're green. When you're sunburned, you're brown, when you're frightened, you're white.

And you have the nerve to call us black people colored!!


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