What made you laugh today?

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Interviewer: "So you don't object to us contacting your previous employer just to make sure you're going to fit in here?"

Me: "No, not at all. As long as I can speak to your previous employees so I can find out why they left."


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We were at the vet’s today and the assistant, Vangelis , is a caring, sensitive guy of about 40 who is trying to learn English.

Nicole showed him the injured stray cat and said “ I love him❤️“.

Frown on Vangelis’s face.

Nicole: “ I love him. Not “ I love her.. it’s a boy.”


Frown on Vangelis’s face.

Nicole smiled and looked at Vangelis and said: “ I love YOU.”❤️

Vangelis blushed and said “ catalavaieno “

( I understand.)😂

And then grinned!



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At the bank today and the ( male ) manager was very helpful when we were trying to pay in some money but couldn’t remember the Pin.


We got chatting, all three of us in our bloody masks. 

We sat down and chatted about Corona and all the rest of it. 
And then he just said “ Miss Nicole, you are very pretty.”

( Nicole missed it and I told her afterwards ! She was flattered.)

Somehow I just don’t know if you can say that anymore in places like the US or UK.


Or am I totally misguided?😂



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